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Monday, April 30, 2012

Try New Things!

Hello, Beautiful Ones!

I am super excited right now. Last night, I had some free time on my hands, so I decided to *attempt* to flat twist my hair. I think I got the hang of it, and with practice, I think I'll nail it. However, the ones I did last night do indeed look terrible. But I'm Keeping them in til Tuesday so I can see what the resulting twist out will be. Here's what they look like so far:                                                                                                    

I left the ends loose. 
I really like side parts and bangs, so I hope this helps!

I'll keep you guys posted, and tomorrow I'll post pics of how it looks when I take it down, for better or worse. 

I must say, even if it doesn't turn out well, I'm proud of myself for trying something different!

Tell me, Beauties: What new hair technique are you dying  to try? And if you haven't tried it, What's stopping you?

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