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Monday, July 30, 2012

You Are What You Eat, From Your Hair.....

Yummmm....... I love love love Qdoba and Chipotle restaurants. Maybe it's because I love anything with avocado. Maybe it's because I love black beans. Or maybe its because I love to find a favorite dish at a restaurant then eat it a few times to get all the flavors, then start making it at home. HA! I'm cheap!
Anyhoo, I made one of my favorite dishes the other day: Steamed brown cilantro-lime rice, with black beans,baked shredded chicken, corn salsa, and guacamole. Then it dawned on me that everything, yes, EVERYTHING in the dish was good for me. Hair, body, everything. Brown rice for fiber. Black beans for fiber and protein and b vitamins. Chicken for protein. Corn salsa for fiber and minerals and lutein. Avocado for- well, they don't call avocado a super food for nothing.

I have been trying to change me and The Hub's diet for the better. So far I am doing a good job of it. I thought that eating healthier would be more expensive, but the opposite is true. We actually save money by not having so much junk in the house, and by preparing healthy, filling meals that cause us to graze less.

I was thinking about my Qdoba knockoff recently ( I daydream about food alot) and I realized that maybe this healthy food kick is actually gonna work out. Yay! 
(Grazing: verb- one grazes when they are not hungry enough to eat a meal but is bored enough to convince oneself that they could eat something. My hubs grazes on cookies. If he is in the general vicinity of the cookie jar he will grab a couple and then walks around the house with them. He can't sneak up on me because I hear him crunching, or I turn around and his mouth is moving. Right now he is on an animal cracker kick; he says I can't complain because technically he's not eating cookies, he's eating crackers. The man can reason his way out of anything. He should have been a lawyer, smh.)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bad Hair Day gone GOOD!

Sooooo..... I was literally soooo sleepy on tuesday night but could not get to sleep. I have been dealing with some health issues so my sleep is off kilter for reals! Anyhoo I figured that since I was up I may as well be productive. So i just threw in some random twists, knowing full well that free form twists do not work for me. I cannot just put in my twists without a plan of action. Sooo.. when I woke up in the morning and took them down, and fluffed and separated, I was not pleased. But... I had to be somewhere and I was already late soooooo....

Accessories to the rescue! One Goody ouchless hair band, four flower clips, a bobby pin later and-
Voila!  I was a natural Hair MacGuyver! I was feelin myself! Ha!

The Flowers and bobby pin helped me pin back my "bangs".

The other flowers Helped pin back poofy spots and helped hid the Goody band

In the pic to the left you can see my Goody hair band. Here's hoping no tall people were lookin down at my head!

I'm also gonna take the time to rave about my new favorite lipstick, which i am wearing in the pics. It's Revlon Super Lusturous Lipstick in Certainly Red. Fab fav! I also have a Revlon Matte red called Really red, but it kinda dries my lips out. The Certainly red super lusturous lipstick is really creamy, almost like a balm. I looooove, creamy lipstick. I tried the Matte, and it pops too, but I HATE feelin like my lips are dry. So there is my randomness for the day. Til' Next time!

Do you have a memorable Bad Hair day gone Good?