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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Product Review:Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream

So. How do I say this? Hmmm. I am in love. Yes,Yes, with my husband, he's aiight, but I am talking about a new hair product. It this new (to me, anyhow) Cantu Shea butter Leave in Conditioning repair CREAM. I capitalized the word cream for a reason. Allow me to explain.

I have been looking for a good leave in for quite some time. I know that most of my fellow hair lovers prefer to leave in a little bit of their regular conditioner, but I wanted something that was marketed as a leave in. Just one of those things. Anyhoo, I tried some liquid leave ins. And let me tell ya, my 4b/c low porosity hair LAUGHS in the face of liquid leave ins. Not just regular laughter, but the maniacal, points and scowls and BWAHAHAH type laughter.

But I digress.

I must admit that I have walked past the Cantu line quite a bit in the past, because, well, I don't know, maybe there is something wrong with me. My friends are all like, "Get it! You'll love it!" And I'm like, " Yeah y'all say that about everything." No seriously, they really do. And only ONE of them has natural hair, but whatevs. One day I walked past it at Wally World (Walmart, for all you non-hipsters out there), and I noticed this CREAM. For, like, less than five bucks. LESS THAN FIVE BUCKS?! Into the cart it went.

So of course the suspense was killing me. I went home and shampooed with my Aussie Moist shampoo (which I also love), conditioned and detangled with my Tresemme Luxurious Moisture conditioner ( which I also love), 75 % t-shirt dried, and slathered this stuff on and sealed the deal with my oil mix. I pulled my hair into a puff to stretch and dry. I call this my lazy girl banding. Here is the result:

Yea, I know, you're thinkin, big deal, looks the same. But it doesn't. My hair has never had sheen like this. And it was SOOOOO soft.  But the kicker was when my Hubby got home. He took one look and asked how much oil I put in my hair. Poor thing. He knows nothing of the struggle, bless his heart. I told him to touch it. He said no. I insisted. He did. He says, "Hey its softer and there's no weird slime on my hands!"
Instead of deckin' him right there, I just took it as a compliment. In his own awkward way, he confirmed that my hair had sheen, was soft, and was not, ahem, "slimy" or oily.

So it's been a while since that afternoon, and I must say that this stuff lasts a loooong time, which is saying a lot considering my heavy handedness. It has worked like a dream for my low porosity strands. And it opened the way for me to introduce my Hubby to appropriate terms to use when we discuss hair. Slimy is NOT one of them, smh.

What's you fave new product?

Friday, December 14, 2012

And He will wipe out every tear from their eyes.....

And He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away. 
-Revelation 21:4

For the Victims, Mourners and Survivors of the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and the Entire Town of Newton, Connecticut. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm feelin philosophical.....

There comes a time in every womans life (hopefully) when she finally feels comfy in her own skin. She has the right friends, the right man (sometimes) , the right career, or , if not, she's okay with what she has and is fine with what she doesn't.

I am beginning to feel that way with each passing day. Don't ask me why. Could it be that the big 3-0 is a mere 6 1\2 months away, or could it be that it is the end of another year and I am in reflection mode? Could it be that I have built strong, lasting relationships, the first and foremost being with my Creator, second with my hubby, and then with my very best girls? Is it that I have finally found my passion, which is to create and to make people happy, and THEN found a way to get paid to do so? Is it that I finally found a hair regimen that works, LOL? Or is it that I know ASHES, and I know that she will be fine no matter what?

Being comfortable does not mean being in a rut. It simply means that you are comfortable. And when you are comfy, you are confident, and when you are confident, you can take risks, and when you take risks, the chips fall where they may, you come out on the other side, and you are thus more confident, and, dare I say- more COMFY. (See what I did there, hee hee?)

I've been through a lot in almost 30 years. My own mother has told me that a weaker person would have crumbled a long time ago. And that's coming from one who's been through a lot herself. I've had doctors give me crappy news in one sentence then in the next minute they look at me incredulously, wondering how I have not turned into a quivering pile of goo in their office. Sorry, doc. Quivering goo has never been my thing.

I know that if I can get to this point in life, you can too. Maybe you are already there. Maybe you been there, have past it, and are on to something better. . Or you feel the same way for different reasons; you have a different purpose. Maybe you're not there yet. You will be.