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Sunday, May 6, 2012

There's Always Next Time.......(Flat twist update)

Whomp whomp. That is the result of my flat twist experiment. I think I know where I went wrong.The twists were pretty large, so while my hair was stretched, it was not  defined. Ah well. here is how it looked:

It's Bigger..

I wasn't pleased with the outcome, per se, but I was trying to find a way to deal with it. You know, make the best out of it. Except.....

My Hair was sooooo DRY!!!! I guess I was used to wearing my scarf and hat, and completely forgot to moisturize properly.  That  is a mistake I will not be making again.. Sooooo.....

When in doubt, Puff it Out! Yeah, I was disappointed, But my puff was extra fluffy! After some intense sprayin and sealin, of course. 

So, Beauties, Hopefully next time I'll have something better for you. *sigh*. 


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  2. Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out and follow!


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